Meetings in Moscow

Meetings, whether a one-day seminar in Moscow or a two-week trip somewhere on the edge of the world, are the quintessence of the meaning and philosophy of our club. At these meetings we share knowledge and are imbued with a common idea, find ourselves and discover the amazing possibilities of our consciousness.
Each meeting brings not only new knowledge and opens new perspectives in our development, but also brings pleasure. Spaces for meetings, accompanying services – all of this we select at a high level.
All those who share our philosophy of life and values ​​gather at the meetings, all participants can become friends, create original and business unions.

Each meeting is a step, the next stage to new knowledge and discoveries. Meetings are not just a lecture or a seminar, it is appropriate to mention here this wonderful word – “meeting”. We meet, we share and understand, we learn and develop. We do all this together in a group of up to twelve people, and, of course, a talented and experienced curator helps us in this, helps to study, learn and see deeply.
At the meetings you are surrounded by pleasant and understandable people who in the near future can become friends and relatives. As a result, our environment is a circle of friends sharing common views and philosophy with understandable values ​​and one social status.
The meeting space is also built to high standards – from the meeting place to the morning coffee break, dining table, a break for comfortable physical activity and a professional photo shoot, which will help to capture the beauty of each participant.

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