«People are not born, but become what they are.»
Claude Helvetius
«The bravest person begins to be afraid when he does not have steady views.»
E. Delacroix
«The only real mistake is not to correct your past mistakes.»
«The future is not what it used to be.»
Steve Jobs
«The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live.»
Ayn Rand

We are Tsarinas

Tsarina – “I am a woman, and therefore I am a queen”, that’s how a woman can (and must) feel and see herself.

Tsarinas is a women’s club that is created for women and in the name of women. We want to unite girls and women who aspire to understand themselves and their nature, wish for personal growth and development, understand the importance of their role in the family, society and the world.

Our goal is to inspire you to receive this fundamental knowledge and help you discover a world of new opportunities. Every woman who comes to us gets knowledge about herself, her inner world and reveals the amazing possibilities of her body and soul. We help to learn the joy of a happy life, harmoniously interact with the surrounding world, close people and with your inner self. Together we learn to value ourselves, trust ourselves and other people, overcome our fears, we learn to love and understand closest ones. Women in our club will learn how to unite their discontent with themselves and accepting themselves; how to establish their boundaries and respect the boundaries of another person.

The abilities that you will receive, thanks to new knowledge, will give you the freedom to choose exactly YOUR WAY in all possible aspects of life. Fortunately, as life shows, these abilities are not something to born with or without. It’s never too late to learn to be a WOMAN! Let’s learn together!


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Tsarinas’ Mission

Our personal mission is to inspire you to receive new fundamental knowledge that will help you to fill your life with joy, harmony and happiness.

We believe that a woman is the initiator of new and absolutely necessary changes in the world. With the help of woman, due to her nature and essence, the process of positive transformations begins in the current world order. We want to become a catalyst for these positive changes and with women’s help we’ll try to make this world better. We dream of a harmonious world filled with knowledge of the true human destiny and the discovery of new amazing opportunities.

Tsarinas’ Manifest

Culture is based on the ethics of individuality, not on the ethics of leadership. The only ethical priority of the new human relations is the freedom and accessibility of information.
Freedom to be yourself and not to be embarrassed by this. We are not ready to accept that we are being pushed to actions that can harm us.

At the head of our concept, along with the qualifications of our specialists, we put the opportunities for self-expression of those who receive knowledge and skills in our club.

Our Tsarinas

Every year the club chooses girls worthy of the title of "Tsarina", who spread the values of the club in society.


Our meetings

Meetings, whether a one-day seminar in Moscow or a two-week trip somewhere on the edge of the world, are the quintessence of the meaning and philosophy of our club. At these meetings we share knowledge and are imbued with a common idea, find ourselves and discover the amazing possibilities of our consciousness.

Each meeting brings not only new knowledge and opens new perspectives in our development, but also brings pleasure. Spaces for meetings, accompanying services – all of this we select at a high level.

All those who share our philosophy of life and values ​​gather at the meetings, all participants can become friends, create original and business unions.

Meetings in Moscow


Meetings in Moscow

Meetings in Moscow


Telephone: +7 (495) 968-83-86

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